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Video contest #IChallengeYou – 8 winners will be awarded with Roth slots

Posted on: Monday 24th October 2016

Contest – Enter our video contest #IChallengeYou, tag your friend and you may win Roth slots for the most creative and funny videos

Have you ever dream of entering Challenge Roth? You now have the chance to win your slot in participating in our video contest.

Submit your own video challenging someone (your direct competitor, your friend, your neighbour, your mum) in our social media networks to enter the first Challenge Lisboa next May. The most funny and creative user-generated videos will be awarded with a slot to Roth. You can participate either in our Facebook page, or publish your video in your Twitter or Instagram accounts by using both hashtags #IChallengeYou and #ChallengeLisboa.

Check this example of video in English:

Check this example in Portuguese:


I – About

1.”Video contest #IChallengeYou is organized by Challenge Lisboa in its Facebook page (, Twitter ( and Instagram ( in order to reward some of the social media fans that are registered to Challenge Lisboa 2017 by the time the contest takes place.

  1. This contest is aimed to all the fans of Challenge Lisboa social media pages and that have registered to the Challenge Lisboa 2017 event. We only accept submissions from people who successfully register for Challenge Lisboa 2017 (07.05.2017) website until Sunday the 6th of November, in the following categories: Age Group, Pro, CEO Division and Battle of the Sexes.


II – Contest

  1. Between Monday the 24th of October 2016 and Sunday the 6th of November 2016, Challenge Lisboa fans can create a video and share online with the following rules:


3.1 Instagram and Twitter – Create your own video and make sure you add these 2 hashtags #IChallengeYou and #ChallengeLisboa.


3.2 Facebook –

Create and publish your own video in a public post, tag your friend and share it in our Challenge Lisboa Facebook page.


  1. We can only accept submissions that were posted between the moment the post was published in our social media pages and 23h59 (Lisbon Local Time) of Sunday 6th November 2016.
  2. Submissions can be done through:


5.1 Instagram / Twitter : posting your video with the two official hashtags #IChallengeYou and #ChallengeLisboa.


5.2 Create and publish your own video in a public post, tag your friend and share it in our Challenge Lisboa Facebook page.


Any other type of submission will not be considered.


  1. Each participant can submit several different videos and tag several friends to participate.
  2. All the submissions via our social media pages (in Challenge Lisboa page) will be automatically public.
  3. Any submission that Challenge Lisboa social media pages, at its own discretion finds of inappropriate content or that goes against Facebook/Twitter/Instagram rules and / or regulations will not be considered.
  4. Each submission should be related to the theme of this contest.


III – Winners

  1. The 8 winners will be chosen by 1 Case Imagine jury, who will evaluate the quality and originality of the submissions.
  2. Each participant can be rewarded 1 time, but can participate several times.
  3. We will reward 8 Roth Slots, 1 for each winner.
  4. The winners will be announced on Challenge Lisboa social media pages Monday the 7th of November.
  5. The winners will be reached by private message or email / telephone that were informed during Challenge Lisboa registration, and will be announced on Challenge Lisboa’s social media pages.
  6. After we communicate the winners, they should accept and confirm they will register for Roth Event in the following 24h, knowing they will receive a code after November 6th, and will have until December 1st to confirm and pay for their slot to Challenge Roth. In order to be a winner you must submit your full name, email address, telephone contact, ID Card or Passport number.
  7. In case the winner doesn’t confirm by Tuesday the 7th of November (included) (until midnight Lisbon local time), he/she will be automatically disqualified and the award will be cancelled.


IV – Awards

  1. The awards are 1 Roth Slot for the 2017 edition for each winner.


  1. This award includes:

The right to register in the sold-out event of Challenge Roth 2017, if the winner uses the code received after November 6th, and has to register in the Roth 2017 event until December 1st (inclusively) to confirm and pay their slot.


  1. This award doesn’t include:

Registration Cost to Challenge Roth

Travel or accommodation to Roth

Personal or other expenses


V – Requirements

  1. There will not be accepted submissions from the organizer staff and directors or relatives (parents, brothers and sisters, sons and daughters and husband/spouses (no matter where they live) and the people with whom they live (no matter what relationship they have).
  2. Challenge Lisboa / Case Imagine has the right to eliminate any participant that does not respect this regulation.
  3. The winner will be a definitive one and Challenge Lisboa will not accept discussing the results of this contest with the participants.
  4. These awards will never be replaced by something else, including but not limited to money.
  5. Challenge Lisboa reserves the right to change this regulation at any moment, taking into consideration any changes or unexpected events that may happen and don’t depend directly on our Challenge Lisboa event.
  6. The participation on this contest and submission requires the acceptance of all these terms and conditions stated in this regulation.