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Kids Aquathlon

We regret to inform our dear athletes that, due to the low number of registrations, we have decided that the Kids Aquathlon will not take place this year.

We are verry sorry for the disappointment this decision may cause.

A swim-run for kids aged between 8 and 15.

The age-group divisions and respective distances are:

Kids 8-9 years old: 50m swim + 200m run

Kids 10-11 years old: 100m swim + 400m run

Kids 12-13 years old: 200m swim + 800m run

Kids 14-15 years old: 400m swim + 1600m run

The relevant age when determining the age-group is the age at the end of 2017.

Entry Fee:

Free of Charge, as it’s a part of our triathlon development program.


Kids Aquathlon