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The Championship

Challenge Lisboa Triathlon Social Hub


Posted on: 21st Oct 2017
Everything is prepared for ChallengeThailand. Only 7 hours until race start. #SeeYouAtTheFinishLine #ChallengeFamily
Posted on: 20th Oct 2017
Race weekend for Challenge Aruba. Watch the press conference! #WeAreTriathlon #ChallengeFamily #ChallengeAruba
Posted on: 19th Oct 2017
CHRISSIE WELLINGTON: Stories from a triathlon legend. PART 4 - Being a Champion. Watch it now!
Posted on: 18th Oct 2017
Early Bird offer for Challenge Peguera-Mallorca 2018 until October 22. What are you waiting for? Sign up here >>
Posted on: 18th Oct 2017
Only a few days left and it's race day for ChallengeThailand - Kanchanaburi.
Posted on: 17th Oct 2017
Last chance to sign up for Challenge Aruba. Online registration has been extended until 5PM EST Friday October 20th >>
Posted on: 16th Oct 2017
Highlights Challenge Peguera-Mallorca 2017! #WeAreTriathlon #ChallengeFamily #ChallengeMallorca
Posted on: 14th Oct 2017
Hi, I entered Challenge Norway this year, but it was cancelled by the organisers. I have heard nothing about any refund etc. Have sent messages etc. Can you help??? Thanks!!!
Posted on: 14th Oct 2017
Congratulations to the female winners at Challenge Peguera-Mallorca!
Posted on: 14th Oct 2017
Congratulations to Justus Nieschlag!