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The Championship

Challenge Lisboa Triathlon Social Hub


Posted on: 23rd Jun 2017
Would you like to race in the heart of Europe? Join FORD CHALLENGEPRAGUE 2017 and enjoy the spectacular course right in the historical centre of Prague! Register now at www.challenge-prague....
Posted on: 22nd Jun 2017
jooòkķòķj ķķķrc3c
Posted on: 22nd Jun 2017
Remember Challenge San Gil last year and be part of the race 2017!
Posted on: 21st Jun 2017
Challenge Yourself. Challenge Roma 753. An extraordinary triathlon experience. Every year millions of people travel around the globe to see the Coliseum, the Imperial Fora and Caracalla Baths but only you ...
Posted on: 21st Jun 2017
The world´s biggest triathlon race. Only 2 weeks left and it's race week. #ChallengeRoth #WeAreTriathlon
Posted on: 20th Jun 2017
Challenge Roma 753 has a special deal for you: one night for free and a special rate. Find out more >>
Posted on: 19th Jun 2017
Posted on: 19th Jun 2017
Summary from yesterday Challenge Heilbronn 2017 Congratulations to the male and female podium: #allabouttheathletes #wearetriathlon 1 Stein, Boris (GER) 04:02:32 2 Wurtele, Trevor (CAN) 04:07:05 3 Reichel, Horst (GER) 04:07:34 1 Sämmler, Daniela (GER) 04:34:33 2 Wurtele, Heather (CAN) 04:35:41 3 ...
Posted on: 17th Jun 2017
First out of the water! #Dare2Tri #WeAreFamily
Posted on: 16th Jun 2017
RACE WEEKEND for Challenge Heilbronn!